Getting Around

The Central Geelong NightBus....Plan Your Ride Home

The Central Geelong NightBus is a safe, inexpensive and reliable way to get home after a night out in town.

When does the Central Geelong NightBus operate?
Every Saturday night (Sunday mornings) between 1:30am to 4:30am.

Where does it go?
The NightBus provides transport from Central Geelong on 4 routes to over 20 suburbs around Geelong, the Bellarine and the Surf Coast.

The 4 routes and departure times are:

  1. 1:30am - Lara via /Geelong West/Hamlyn Heights/Bell Park/North Geelong/Norlane/Corio

NightBus Map - Lara via Hamlyn Heights/Bell Park/North Geelong/Norlane/Corio

  1. 2:30am - Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads via East Geelong/Newcomb/Leopold/Wallington

NightBus Map - Ocean Grove via East Geelong/Newcomb/Leopold/Wallington

  1. 3:30am - Torquay via Grovedale

NightBus Map - Torquay via Grovedale

  1. 4:30am - Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads via Drysdale/Clifton Springs

NightBus Map - Drysdale

Where do I catch the NightBus From?
All NightBus services depart from the Central Geelong NightBus bus stop at the bus interchange in Moorabool street (between Ryrie and Little Malop Street).

Where does the NightBus stop?
Each NightBus service stops at several designated bus stops on route.

These stops have been selected based on where passengers told us they want to hop off, safety and lighting at each stop, the ability for the bus driver to pull up and stop safely and access to phones and communication once passengers hop off.

Pickups along the routes will not be made. 

Can I hop off the NightBus at locations other than the designated bus stops?
Passengers may request to be dropped off at locations other than the designated bus stops along each NightBus route.

The driver will try to meet passenger requests as often as possible, however requests are not guaranteed and are at the driver’s discretion.

Can I catch the NightBus from other locations on route?
No, pickups will not be made on route.
How much does it cost?
$6 per person (on all NightBus routes).  Payments to be made as you board the NightBus, however passengers are encouraged to pre-purchase tickets prior to travelling from:
Tickets can be purchased as you board the NightBus however passengers are encouraged to pre-purchase tickets prior to travelling from the following locations:

How do I get home once the NightBus drops me off?
You can make arrangements with friends or family to meet you at the bus stop, walk (if it safe to do so) or call a cab to complete the rest of your journey. Geelong Taxis can be contacted on 131 008.

Can I catch the NightBus into Central Geelong?
No, the Central Geelong NightBus does not provide transport into Central Geelong.

Is it safe?
Security staff coordinate the bus stop and travel on board every service to ensure the safety of passengers, drivers and the general public. CCTV is also on board all NightBus services.

Antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated.

Can I eat or drink on board the NightBus?
No, food/drink is not permitted on board the NightBus.

Who do I contact if I leave something on the NightBus?
You can contact Benders Busways on 03 5240 5000.

Who do I contact if I would like to make a comment/suggestion/complaint?
To make a suggestion, comment or complaint about the Central Geelong NightBus, please contact us
on 5272 5272.

Need more information?
To find out more about the Central Geelong NightBus contact us on 5272 5272.